The Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine

The Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine Department provides a highly stimulating educative experience, immersing students in the bridging of Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Bioinformatics and Genomics with Translational Medicine.

Our unique multidisciplinary research program includes work on Cancer Biology, Autism, Cardiovascular Pathobiology, and Computational Genomics, unlocking the mysteries of biologic processes at the molecular and genomic level.

Latest News

August 16, 2022
"The new R01 funding from NIH NCI will support investigation to understand a previously unappreciated mechanisms by focusing on BACH1 involved in lactate catabolism of triple negative breast tumors. "
August 16, 2022
The new R01 funding from NCI will support investigation into the emerging oncogenic function of chromatin remodeling protein ARID4B in the development and progression of breast cancer to endocrine therapy resistance.

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